The GABC files in the Filebase are named according to the code:

WW_MM_DD_SSnn_XX_YY_ZZ – GG_name.gabc

Used when applicable, the codes are:

  • WW: Weekday (eg Sunday after is P1 or PD – )
  • MM_DD: Date
  • SSnn: Season, nn is week number.
  • XX: Feast
  • YY: Time of day
  • ZZ: Year (ABC in the Novus Ordo)
  • GG: Genre (Introit/Gradual/Tract/etc)

The seasonal codes are:

  • TA: Temporis Adventus (Advent)
  • f: Feria (eg TA01_f3 is “Tuesday in the first week of Advent”)
  • TQ: Temporis Quadragesimae (Lent)
  • PP: Post Pentecost (TLM Calendar)
  • Heb: Hebdomada (Ordinary Time)

The name of the Chant is derived from the first word(s) of the lyrics.


The files listed in folders called “all” are only named according to the genre and first word(s).

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