The GABCs from the 1961 are ready and I’ve uploaded the ICEL musical settings of the New Translation in GABC format into the directory. They’ve been compiled into a single book, which still needs a decent tidy-up. I haven’t uploaded any Propers lately (mea maxima culpa), though I have prepared templates for all the Propers in the 1961 Solesmes Graduale Romanum (well over 300 of them) which are in the process of being checked. Templates for the 1974 Solesmes Graduale Romanum are also in the works.

I’m also working away at the GABCs from the 1908 Vatican Edition Graduale Romanum. The melodies are generally the same, the difference is in the spacing between notes, and of course the presence or absence of the Solesmes markers (for example, often where there is a dot in the 1961 is instead a wide space in the 1908)  so the Chants need to be proofread for a second time. Once I have all the 1908 GABCs done I can recycle the templates and render Propers from the 1908 GR as well.

So… Forgive me for the long time it’s taking, I’ll make amends!!


All the uploaded files can be found here:

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